1. I’ll stop bootlegging musicals when you make musicals cheaper to go see!

  2. findtheboxthatsgayandcrushit:

    I finally hit 500 followers so here’s a nice little bootleg giveaway to celebrate you all :D


    1) Must be following me. I know, ugh, but it is to celebrate my followers so.

    2) Likes and reblogs count, reblog as much as you like, just please don’t spam your followers

    3) Prizes exclude NFT shows

    4) Winners must have ask box open, if not it goes to someone else

    5) No giveaway specific blogs. Like if you blog is specifically to enter giveaways, pls go away. This is for theatre fans not people who just enter to win random stuff..


    First Place - Any 10 bootlegs from my list (excluding NFT shows)

    Two Runner Up Prizes - Any 4 bootlegs from my list (excluding NFT shows)

    My list is available HERE - I am also open for trades if anyone’s interested.

    Winners will be selected using random.org.

    Any questions, my ask box is open :)

    Giveaway closes 31st July - Good luck! :)


  3. will-not-razzle-dazzle:

    If I die young, bury me in Bootlegs.

    Lay me down on a bed of Playbills.

    Sink me at the Stage Door at noon.

    Send me away with the words of Show tune.

  4. thebroadway:


    There will be three winners of this giveaway! The winners get to choose any one show from my trading site to be gifted to them (via disc in mail or download links).

    You can see my list at www.tradebway.weebly.com


    Must be following ME

    Giveaway will end on July 30

    likes don’t count reblogs only. reblog as many times as you wannt

    Winner will be contacted via ask box

    any questions. feel free to ask :)


  5. trensched:


    (I don’t know why the pictures are so big) Ok so in celebration of my successful graduation from high school I’m doing a playbill giveaway!

    Up for grabs are:


    1. Matilda the Musical, OBC Playbill with insert (Sophia Gennusa as Matilda)

    2. Once the Musical, OBC Playbill


  6. This one doesn’t have a loud mouth like me. -Frank

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  8. asammyg:

    How fucked up is the entire concept of The Parent Trap? These parents have twins but want a divorce so they decide their best course of action is to just each take one and never speak to each other again. 

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  9. sweatandhappiness:

    I actually really needed to read this right now.

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  10. jacksnwhittemore:

    theatre challenge - 1/10 performers ↳ Sierra Boggess 

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